timprov (timprov) wrote,

Not exactly an existential crisis.

If you are someone who finds meaning in my photography, I would like to hear from you about how.
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Many of your architectural photographs focus on details or angles I would not have thought to look at closely, and I find the different perspective interesting to consider.

The tapir photos are adorable.
Thank you. I think the details thing is coming through consistently in the responses I've had elsewhere.
Your photographs show me fresh perspectives on things I've seen but not observed. Not merely the geometry, the intense color. The only photographs that capture the intense clear blue of the sky I've seen in my local landscape are yours. Please continue to show me things in my own world that I ought to be able to perceive for myself but can't.
Thank you. I wasn't planning on stopping, just looking for words to refine my goals.
I really enjoy the WFTO project, because I love to read wherever I go, and I love the book. The combination in your photos brings the book alive in new ways.
Thanks. I'm kind of stalled out on whether/how to do another Reader at this point, but it's good to know that people like them.
Oh, I love the angles (both visual and topical) in your photos, and the connections they make for me. Sometimes what I gain is a deep focus on a subject that wins over my sustained attention unexpectedly, or seeing something from a physical angle or vantage I rarely get to see, or finding threads that tie together people and places in a way that makes me think more about both.